Our Mission: to provide specialized services and give expert advice surrounding all aspects of the art collection process.

Gauchet Asian Art is a full service art expertise and consultancy firm specializing in Asian art and antiquities. GAA realizes that each piece of art and client is unique, and offers assistance in all aspects concerning your artwork, including: building your collection, acquisition, selling, evaluation and curatorial services, professional advice and expertise.

GAA’s knowledgeable and scholastic approach intends to bring our clientele the highest quality of satisfaction, expertise and return on their object. We conduct proper due diligence in order to provide our clients with top art market information and provenance for their artwork. We strive to understand our client’s requests and can provide services to meet all personal aesthetic interests.

We respect discrete transactions and will buy, advise, evaluate and sell on behalf of our clientele in the utmost professional and trustworthy manor. In addition, we also offer complementary evaluation and expertise dependent on the circumstance.

We offer a variety of services including:


Speak directly with our art experts to explore and learn more about the best options for your artworks. Our experts will assist you in all areas of the art collection and selling process.


Over 25 years of experience working with fine art and rare artifacts. Member of the C.E.C.O.A and Oriental Ceramic Society in London.


Accredited art appraisal and evaluations are always handled with the client’s interest at hand. We will provide provenance, selling and restoration options for your artworks.

Private Sales & Consignment

We can assist in placing your artworks in the most appropriate and advantageous arenas for acquisition. We use discretion and can arrange private sales as well as offering consignment arrangements.

Sales at Auction

Our experts can assist with selling and placing your objects at auction. We will take care of negotiation and our strategies enhance your artworks visibility and international prestige.

Market Research

Market research and analysis gives our clients adequate knowledge about the sales conditions and current market trends within the Asian art market.

Inheritance Tax

Our experts can guide you through the inheritance and tax laws when you inherit artworks. Learn about reducing fees and art placement options.

Curatorial and Exhibition

Our team of qualified experts have curated and organized exhibition internationally. Working with local and international museums and institutions, we can expose and personally curate your art collection.

Online Assessment

Our simple and user-friendly online assessment allows clients from all over the world to send and receive information from the convenience of their own home.

Solicited by renowned collectors and corporations, Gauchet Asian Art provides information and exhibits objects of the highest quality. Our specialty areas include: Chinese porcelain, bronze, jade, metalwork, furniture, coral, paintings, lacquer, cloisonné and ivory.

Our team represents and acts as intermediary on behalf of the most important buyers and collectors of Chinese art around the globe. Gauchet Asian Art tailors to each client’s needs, and we provide a range of services to handle all aspects of the art purchasing and collections process.

If you have objects and you would like to understand the value and future of your artwork(s), or would like to exhibit, curate or enhance your existing collection, please contact our team to find out more information. Please view our CONTACT PAGE for more details.